Emerald: Pantone’s colour of the Year In action!

Emerald: Pantone’s colour of the Year In action!

I was excited when Pantone announced their selection or colour of the year at the end of 2012, however I couldn’t visualise it by itself. My mind immediately trailed off trying to pair it will colours like Lemon, Ash Grey, even Plum. They did it with simple black and white. Divine!

I found this on weddingpaperdivas.com’s blog and it made it all fit together for me.

Take a look. Is this a colour you would try for your wedding?


Papermaid Snapped at Wyndham Wedding Spectacular!

Papermaid Snapped at Wyndham Wedding Spectacular!

Papermaid was snapped at the Wyndham Wedding Spectacular a few weeks ago by the Jamaica Observer. It was published on Monday, March 11.
Funny story about this post… They state that I am an event planner… (where did they get that from?)

They asked what my business was and I told them but this is what they printed. I am grateful for the picture but one can only wonder what other misinformation is printed in the media. Anyway, they got my name right and I am happy.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! 🙂